uLogin PHP Authentication Library


uLogin is a PHP library for adding secure login and authentication capability to web applications. uLogin provides tools for secured user sessions, password storage, logins. It uses various measures to counter different kinds of online and offline attacks, as well as limit damage in case of a breach. Advanced capabilities like remember-me, two-factor authentication support, recognizing brute force attempts, and support for multiple user databases in addition to a load of security features make it a feature-rich, secure and flexible authentication system. Tools to easily integrate XSS/CSRF/replay prevention into any other part of your website is provided in the form of a compact but versatile nonce library.

uLogin is not a complete user or privilege management solution. It does not manage groups, permissions or content presentation. uLogin is not a complete web application, but a library to create a web application with.


Most of the features are optional, but they are opt-out features.

Copyright (c) 2011-2012, Karoly Pados

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